About Lahore

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. The most active city of Pakistan in all aspects.

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan, A city that tells tales of our history in its own way.

Every city has a feeling of its own and Lahore is considered as the heart of Pakistan. Lahore is the second largest metropolitan city, full of life and colours. Lahore provides you the perfect cake of thick slice of heritage, a filling of delicious cuisine and a topping of unwavering hospitality. The beauty of the place and the friendly hospitality of locals will not only win you over, it
will make you feel both privileged to be there and ashamed to admit that you, too, had prejudices before coming. Enjoy this memorable journey of fun things to do in Lahore that will surely change your attitude about the country.

Why should you visit Lahore?

Since its creation it has changed hands from Hindu, Buddhist, Greek, Muslims, Sikh, British and then again back to Muslim rule, thereby becoming the cultural capital and the heart of modern day Pakistan. Its history dates back to the Mughal era with iconic architecture and monuments. But, Lahore is not just about Mughal buildings, it is so much more. Lahore is a cultural hub, a fashion hub and the pivot for media industry. Lahore offers you mix variety and a little bit of everything. It provides you a breathtaking experience of different cultures, languages, historical places, beautiful and ancient buildings, mosques, food streets, malls and much more! So don’t miss out the opportunity to explore this place.

As said in the local language “Jinay Lahore nae Takaya Oh Jamey he naee” (One who never sees Lahore is still not born.)

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