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Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions. 

How much is the participation fee?

There is No participation fee for the applicants

Food & Accommodations?

The accommodations will be provided by the host organisation itself for the whole conference along with three meals per day for the time of the conference.

Travel cost?

As there is no participant fees, Participants have free will to arrange their tickets and routes. Moreover, it’s up to them from which airline and class they want to travel.


Mode of communication among participants will be English. There will be no course requirements for portraying that you know English but you are capable enough to communicate your opinion in English during workshops. So you must have a little know how to English.

Official letter of invitation?

When we are over with application and selection process. We will send letter of invitation to selected participants as an official prove of their approval.

Official letter of participation?

Participants who attend all the workshops will be awarded with participation certificate. This is basically a letter for appreciation at the end of ceremony.


After selection of volunteers there would be a proper training session for volunteers. In this training session they will be provided proper guidance regarding organization and student week. Further they will be assigned their particular tasks. This will help them to build cooperation, patience and teamwork among them.
Also, the volunteers will be divided into four divisions. Different group or division have different task to perform. These groups include:

  1. Media
  2. Info and host
  3. Group guides
  4. logistics

The volunteers of media will be covering the beautiful moments in their cameras. Their task is to make video and pictures of daily workshops. Then comes info and host team they basically provide all the relevant information to participants. Later, comes group guiders as the term is pretty self-explanatory. These volunteers are given particular number of participants and they have to take care of them and safety of the participants is under this group. It’s their responsibility to take participants to their hostel after the workshop safe and soundly.

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