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Our List Of Activities

Opening Ceremony

ISWiP welcomes their participants with opening ceremony that marks the beginning of the most interesting yet enthralling journey of 8 days. The opening ceremony would include welcome note by the president of ISWIP, representatives from the ministries and other organizations who have supported the program. Participants will be briefed about the importance of this festival and the rich cultural diversity offered by the host country.

Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony will be held to recognize our dedicated participants and the volunteers who made this event a success. Participants Will present their portfolio and workshops and will be awarded with letters of appreciation and participation. Later, farewell note will be offered by the president and sponsoring representative followed by the analysis of what was achieved through the first ISWIP, discussions, workshops and trainings.

Flag Parade

Every participant of this workshops will host his/her flag with the national anthem being played at the back. This gives a positive gesture and show the importance of teamwork and cooperation within the youth of many countries belonging from a diverse backgrounds with immense difference of values, traditions and customs yet combined into one unit with the bond of love for humanity and its future on this planet.

Open Space

This day is held as a break day for the participants, so that they could have some rest and refresh their selves. On this particular day, all activities are off and participants have chance to explore the city. It’s totally upon them what they wanted to do on that day. They may utilize this day for touring different places to make this trip more memorable or may have some shopping for their love ones to take as a precious gifts.

Art/Music Night

Art night will be arranged for the participants where they could enjoy theatre performances, movies, live music and much more organized by the team. This event is specifically to represent the diverse music culture of Pakistan with its rich cultural and musical diversity. This provides a sort of comfort to our participants. Moreover, they could get to know more about the local and traditional music culture of Pakistan.

Folk Night

This night is arranged for the music and literary lovers. Under one roof we have gathered all the cultural music and dance forms from each part of Pakistan. This night will not only provide quality entertainment but will ensure that when you leave Lahore, you all are aware of the cultural folk songs and dance forms of PakistanAlong with this. there will be special events for the participants like theater, movies, live music and much more organized by the team.

Movie Night

How many of you know about the Lollywood? Pakistan’s film industry that owes its name to Lahore, well, the movie night is not all about Pakistani cinema and it’s history. ISWIP team would arrange a movie night for the participants where they can enjoy one of the their or hosts’ favourite movie at a secretly kept venue.

Input Lectures

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Plenary Sessions

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