The Theme

Diversity is our theme. We believe in a global village.

Mankind has evolved from living in small homogeneous communities and tribes into small trading villages and cities. All along the history this transition holds a direct relationship with the growing population and political and scientific advancements achieved by human beings. However, for a long period of time, men didn’t have to confront with other men within their own territory, tribes and small cities. This meant the presence of well-defined and guarded set of rules, rituals and territory that would not be violated without a justified interaction. 

Emergence of massive metropoles consisting of millions of people entirely changed this scenario, nothing was more evident than that now men and women would be coming across people that did not hold the same caste, culture, language, physical appearance, or the set of religious beliefs. However, thanks to the birth of nation states, they could still share same political ideas and leadership and in some cases like Pakistan dominant religious beliefs endorsed by the state. 

These difference of appearances, opinions, ideas and beliefs were termed as diversity in modern times, but even with the evolution of idea of diversity and debates around it didn’t practically gain as much significance as it did after the communication revolution of 21st century. Social media platforms, online expression of ideas and ease of travel meant disappearance of any barriers that would hold homogeneous societies intact. Increased interaction meant increasingly challenged ideas, and debates and independently expressed opinions with fellow beings from all across the globe. 

While many countries across the world successfully transitioned into establishing diverse culture and societies, many still lacks behind. One of the core reasons behind the ISWIP was to debate this aspect of diversity with the representatives of global youth to discuss the challenges posed by the perception’s and how it affects our response to the diversity around us. ISWIP aims to bring more harmony amongst the global youth by emphasizing that in the digital age embracing diversity is a key to peaceful coexistence of mankind and it’s prosperity. Without any social and political motivations, ISWIP begins its journey with diversity, perceptions, and inclusion to allow youth to understand and bridge their diverse belongings so that they may lead the future of solutions  to the problems faced by humans in the modern-day global village. 

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