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Social Media

We have known the ages of slavery and industrial revolution and colonization and political movements for rights at different stages of history of humans but this truly is an of technology and digital revolution. It also is the age marked by unprecedented human interaction through social media. But is this a blessing or a challenge? In today’s generation, everyone has access to the digital mainstream through all kinds of gadgets. Social media has become the highlight of our world. Communication was never this easy and the people are beyond ecstatic given the easy access to information. Social media offers opinions and help us form perceptions. But are we ready to absorb the cons that come with it? In this modern day and age, where the internet has provided us with exposure to diversity of all kinds, it is of critical importance to analyze the role of social media in our daily lives.

Music & Theater

Music is the food for soul and theater is a significant form of art. They in itself are so rich and full of diversity, combined they offer a perfect fusion of entertainment and learning. Music and theater have different significance in different cultures. And this promotes the variety that we all have around us.

Photography and Film

As much as theatre and music are significant forms of art, photography and film are not only the expression of one’s passion and powerful ideas, but they are also a great source of story telling. In fact, it is through photography and film that we are able to convey narratives that written and spoken words find it so hard to explain. Like art, music and literature, film and photography diversity from individuals to nations giving a unique and identification peculiar to a society or nation.

Conflict Resolution

Amongst the modern focus of studies, nothing signifies more than the conflict resolution. Increasing interdependent and Connectivity has led to numerous conflicts across the world. Nations are fighting with other nations and they are having conflicts amongst themselves over issues of representation and resource distribution. One of the core goal of ISWIP is to prepare the youth to lead in the field of conflict resolution.

Rights Activism

The world is rife with struggle for democratic and economic rights and for basic human rights considered as inherited rights. The phenomenon of activism , of dedicated and endless struggle for rights of suppressed communities and minorities is a fundamental belief of many across the global youth.


All of us have an inbuilt sense of what is right and what is wrong. However, as the world goes global and communities engage more often than in the past, How has the term ethics coupled with values, morality and modesty evolves itself remains a great question of interest. Join the workshop on ethics to learn about interesting ethical standards and values prevailing in different societies and how they evolve overtime.


Oceanography is the study of physical and biological parts of an ocean. It involves the marine life, the ecosystem of the sea and how it impacts the rest of the world. The world is in fact connected through seas and oceans and it is vital to study of future of biological diversity on the planet as well as the weather patterns.

Eco Friendly Tourism

While there are enormous benefits associated with tourism, which is a vital part of global economy as well as a most convenient mean of physical human interaction, the world has lately realised the need for eco-friendly tourism. The lessons taught by global warming and climate change has forced humans to adopted to new ways of tourism while protecting the Mother Nature.

Arts & Culture

Art is the finest human expression of underlying currents Present in a culture. while the culture finds a beautiful expression through art, art in return influences heavily upon the prevailing culture of any society. Would you like to be part of the Table, sharing your art and culture with fellows from different background and mark the cultural evolution shaping the world today?


“It is important to balance strong vision with a willingness to embrace change.” – Tirath Kamdar, Founder and CEO of True Facet. Do you think of starting your own business? Do you have a creative and ambitious mind? Do you want to change the way you and others live? Then come join us to learn everything about entrepreneurship. In today’s world of increasing diversity, we are in the dire need to bring our creativity in the market.

Gender Equality

The world has come a long way in achieving the progress on gender equality as the idea gains momentum across the globe as a universal standard, join the discussion on how gender equality will impact the future of planet and how the inclusion of women in societies where they have been associated with typically roles will cope with this phenomenon. Don’t forget that Pakistan was one of the first Muslim countries to have a female Prime Minister in 1989.

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